THEO 525 Quiz 2


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THEO 525 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Historical Constructions of the Trinity include the following. Match the view with the appropriate description, concept,event, or person.
  2. Match the following:
  3. Erickson agrees with Beegle that we should give primary weight to the phenomena
    of Scripture in developing an understanding of the nature of biblical inspiration.
  4. According to Erickson, God’s love prevails over his justice, making salvation possible for sinners.
  5. Which of the following represents an argument used by Erickson to support the Bible’s own witness to its divine origin?
  6. Natural Theology assumes a basic incongruity between the human mind and creation about us.
  7. Match the following
  8. Match the following:
  9. Match the following in reference to Erickson’s discussion of the Transcendence of God:
  10. When we speak of the Inspiration of Scripture, we are speaking of that divine process which resulted in the text of the biblical writers actually
  11. Thomas argued that we could prove certain things by reason alone. Which of the following was NOT one of those listed.
  12. What two passages of Scripture which posed the greatest difficulty for Karl Barth in his effort to establish a biblical case for his views regarding natural theology?
  13. The most outstanding example of Natural Theology in the history of the church is the effort of
  14. Which of the following is notone of the aspects of God’s holiness, as discussed in Erickson.
  15. Erickson believes the Bible is inspired, but we cannot formulate a theory
    of inspiration.
  16. According to Erickson, God’s freedom is “limited” in the sense that He cannot act contrary to His nature.
  17. McRay noted that the oldest surviving list of the canonical books of the OT dates from A.D. 170.
  18. According to Erickson, Special Revelation is remedialbut not exclusively so, as demonstrated in Genesis 1, 3.
  19. Match the following:
  20. The formula “one ousia in three hupostasis” best expressed the position of this council.
  21. The natural limitation and the moral limitation of fallen humanity constitute the two major reasons why specialrevelation from God was necessary.
  22. Match the following:
  23. According to Erickson, God cannot know what cannot be known, such as the future.
  24. McComiskey, in Elwell, argues that the “I Am” of Jesus used in John 8:58 draws a direct connection with
  25. According to Erickson, the doctrine of general revelation suggests the following: