THEO 525 Quiz 1


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THEO 525 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is not related to “Process Theology”:
  2. Match the following from Erickson
  3. Erickson noted that there were three values of philosophy for the theologian. Which of the following was not included as a value:
  4. Which of the following suggests that the study of theology is needful?
  5. Which of the following is NOT given as one of the characteristics of modern theologies:
  6. Natural Theology is the effort to discern truth about God from from resources outside of the Bible.
  7. Match the following terms:
  8. Match the following
  9. Modernity is characterized by an emphasis on rationality and certainty.
  10. Two Greek philosophers who greatly influenced the writings of the early church fathers were:
  11. According to Demarest, which of the following affirms why the church undertakes the task of systematic theology?
  12. Which of the following said that religion is a matter of moral judgments?
  13. Which of the following is not discussed in Erickson as one of the answers as to the “abiding element” of Christianity?
  14. As developed by Gabler, biblical theology attempted to make a distinction between
  15. Match the following terms:
  16. This individual is considered to be the founder of modernism:
  17. Match the following:
  18. Which view dominated thinking from the eighteenth through the late twentieth centuries, emphasizing rationality and certainty?
  19. The view that the idea of God’s existence is a rational intuition and does not require a proof in systematic theology is held by which of the following writer?
  20. Which of the following is a supporting reason for the study of historical theology?
  21. Match the following
  22. In answering the accusations of “meaninglessness” with respect to theological language, Erickson tends to agree more with Ramsey than with Ferre or Hordern.
  23. Anthony Thiselton applied which theory to hermeneutics?
  24. Fill in the blank to complete Erickson’s analogy: Theology is to religion what .
  25. Immanuel Kant restricted religion to the realm of “Practical reason.”