RLGN 489 Exam 3


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Liberty University

RLGN 489 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Values-driven leaders typically embrace humanistic and existentialistic worldviews.
  2. Which of the following is not one of the four fundamental paradigms of leadership?
  3. Spirit-oriented churches value change.
  4. The pluralistic church is spirit-oriented and faith-oriented.
  5. Works-oriented churches are busy places.
  6. Absolutes are not important to the truth-oriented church.
  7. Who did Bredfeldt use as an example of the Idealist Leadership Theory?
  8. The faith-oriented church places a high focus on programs more than personal relationships.
  9. Proclamation churches are heavily driven by biblical content.
  10. What is the foundational biblical text for “Spirit and Truth Orientation?”
  11. The end result of the four fundamental paradigms of leadership is to lead the organization to its mission and goals.
  12. Virtue-driven leaders lead through the strength of their character.
  13. Venture-driven leaders are concerned that changed is based on empirical research and data.
  14. Authenticity is perfection that comes from testing.
  15. Which of the following church types is the the truth- oriented church?
  16. Vision-driven leaders are purpose oriented.
  17. Scripture is not clear that works and faith go hand-in- hand.
  18. Leadership begins with a set of values embraced by the leader but not necessarily the follower.
  19. The priority-focused church is based on which passage of Scripture?
  20. The truth-oriented church places a high value on preaching and teaching.
  21. Faith-oriented churches are more reflective and theological in the approach to ministry.
  22. A strength of the power church is a commitment to reaching the lost with the gospel in a relevant manner.
  23. Leader-teachers must understand that it is far easier to drift off course than to stay on course.
  24. Venture-driven leaders are realists.
  25. The key biblical text for the faith and works-oriented church is James 2:14-26.