RLGN 489 Exam 2


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Liberty University

RLGN 489 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is one of the four points of intersection that Chester uses to share the Gospel?
  2. The term that Chester uses for a church under the radar is “stealth church.”
  3. Bredfeldt states that most powerful means of leading the people of God is by tewaching them the Word of God.
  4. What are the three sources of power that Bredfeldt identifies?
  5. According to Whitney, spiritual maturity also includes growth in fellowship with the children of God.
  6. Bredfeldt lists courage as one of the classical virtues of leadership.
  7. Another term for “relational generosity” is forgiveness.
  8. The Disciplines are only intended for people with lots of spare time on their hands.
  9. Cultural relevance is easy if you don’t care about being biblical.
  10. The basic competencies of the leader all relate to leading a team.
  11. The primary task of the Holy Spirit is to magnify Christ.
  12. The primary quality of biblical leadership is charisma.
  13. Jonathan Dodson suggests eight easy ways to be missional. One of them is to walk, don’t drive.
  14. According to Bredfeldt, the church is a teaching-learning organization.
  15. Who developed “The Cycles of Leadership?”
  16. Learning place an essential role in developing personal godliness.
  17. Biblical leadership is a teaching task.
  18. “Everyday mission” is a program that can be used in any church.
  19. Cultural accommodation is the first ditch to avoid as a biblical leader.
  20. Proverbs 10:14 proclaims that learning is not necessary in becoming wise.
  21. According to Bredfeldt, a growing number of business writers are embracing servant-leadership.
  22. Biblical leadership begins with biblical authority.
  23. What two passages of Scripture does Bredfeldt cite as containing a detailed list of the qualifications of an elder?
  24. Which New Testament passage does Chester use to form a more accurate definition of the church?
  25. Modeling the message is one of the basic teacher competencies listed by Bredfeldt.