GOVT 345 Quiz 8


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GOVT 345 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. To the critical legal theorist, social structures are fundamentally fair.
  2. Critical legal theory is critical of metanarratives.
  3. Critical legal theory is about the metanarrative or perhaps even questions the existence of any metanarrative.
  4. Radical and liberal feminists believe patriarchal oppression is alive and well in the West.
  5. The critical legal theory opposition to the free market is what makes it most directly linked to Marxism.
  6. Critical legal theorists urge a return to legal formalism.
  7. Despite the cynicism, critical legal theorists believe the application of reason to metadata can bring about results consistent with the underlying basic principles.
  8. Ideology or political philosophy has little impact on the legal system since the judiciary is independent of the legislature.
  9. Critical legal theory is the offspring of legal realism.
  10. Critical legal theorists survey the so-called doctrinal landscape of law and see nothing but contradiction.
  11. Critical legal theory is not just skeptical or cynical of legal reasoning but of the fundamental components of substantive law too.
  12. For the critical legal theorist, ideology is decisive.
  13. Critical legal theory embraces history as having inherent value.
  14. Critical legal theory says metanarratives are fictitious but necessary for creating an orderly world.
  15. If legal positivism is skeptical than critical legal theory is cynical verging on nihilistic.
  16. Critical race theory is to race what feminist legal theory is to sex.
  17. For the critical legal theorist, social behavior reflects the norms generated by the legal system.
  18. Feminist legal theory is critical of patriarchy.
  19. A major component of the critical legal theory is indeterminacy, the idea that nothing can be definitively determined.
  20. Critical legal theory recognizes no fixed values; everything is relative.