ETHC 205 Exam 2


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ETHC 205 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Some kinds of reproductive technology can destroy embryos.
  2. A parameter or general principle found in the Bible for dealing with reproductive technologies is referred to by the author as a
  3. In the discussion of end of life decisions, a distinction is often made between withdrawing and _________ treatment.
  4. The issues around end-of-life medical treatments will likely become _________ complex as technology continues to develop.
  5. According to the law, genetic surrogates are recognized as
  6. An argument against PAS/euthanasia is
  7. The fact that God attributes the same characteristics to the unborn in the womb as to a person out of the womb indicates that the unborn is a
  8. GIFT, or gamete intrafallopian transfer, combines the genetic material of the father and mother in
  9. DNR stands for Do Not Resuscitate.
  10. There are three sources for stem cells.
  11. Since the 1970s there has been remarkable advances in reproductive technology.
  12. There are numerous passages that speak to the _________ of personal identity from conception to adulthood.
  13. From conception to adulthood there are no decisive moments when the fetus obtains personhood.
  14. A cultural shift has occurred in terms of speaking of pregnancy. It used to be known as procreation now it is more commonly referred to as reproduction.
  15. Euthanasia is legal in the United States but not in Europe.
  16. One pro-choice argument claims that forcing women to continue their pregnancies will create
  17. What is not an argument for PAS/euthanasia?
  18. Embryonic stem cell research requires the destruction of the embryo.
  19. Although the word “abortion” is not found in the Bible, it is clear from the biblical data that abortion is wrong.
  20. According to the textbook, third party genetic donors are within ethical bounds.
  21. There are five legal cases that have established the right of women to obtain an abortion and also limiting that right.
  22. In the Bible the same Greek term is applied to both the unborn and newborn child indicating they are both considered persons.
  23. Pro-choice advocates argue that a woman should not have to give birth to a
  24. Surrogate motherhood is a highly accepted issue both morally and legally.
  25. The seventh argument put forward by pro-choice advocates is that restrictive abortion laws discriminate against
  26. Briefly summarize the Biblical perspective on death.