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EDCO 711 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. American humanistic psychologists
  2. According to Rogers, a client progresses in his/her relationship with the therapist when
  3. Group cohesiveness is important because:
  4. Individuals enter therapy feeling that they are unique in their problems; this group therapy component these feelings are disconfirmed.
  5. Research on groups indicates that:
  6. One type of critical incident that may occur, according to Yalom, is a positive affect.  Yalom describes this as:
  7. Cohesiveness is broadly defined as:
  8. Yalom states that “for the long-term intensive therapy group, the rule that will serve
    clinicians in good stead is:
  9. Yalom asserts that the in the social microcosm, members will sooner or later enact their
  10. Which of the following is true?
  11. Which of the following is/are an outcome of correcting interpersonal distortions?
  12. True or false? Cohesiveness is to group therapy is as relationship is to individual therapy.
  13. Which of the following statements is true regarding catharsis?
  14. Which of the following is nota primary factor in the therapeutic experience?
  15. Yalom describes a principle that change is preceded by a state of ________________
  16. Social learning- the development of basic social skills- is a therapeutic factor that operates in
  17. The concept of interpersonal learning includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  18. The ____________ need to be revealed and processed if the members are to arrive at an empathic understanding of one anotber.
  19. According to Yalom, direct advice-giving in a group therapy setting
  20. True or false?  Some type of cognitive map is needed to frame the group therapy
    experience and make sense of the emotions evoked in the group.
  21. Which of the following IS NOTaccurate, according to Yalom? Maladaptive behavioral patterns in group therapy:
  22. In an interpersonal intake interview,
  23. Yalom asserts that clients dealing with stigma, social isolation or those who are seeking
    new coping skills
  24. According to Yalom, there appears to be a general clinical sentiment that heterogeneous groups have advantages over homogeneous groups in which type of setting:
  25. Members re-create and display their pathology in the group when
  26. According to Sullivan, interpersonal distortions are modifiable primarily through:
  27. The third most common category of critical incident for a group member usually involves
  28. Didactic instruction (psychoeducation) can be offered as an important part of a group
    program because:
  29. The nation’s oldest and largest self-help group for current and former psychiatric patients is
  30. Clients who are less likely to benefit from group therapy are clients with:
  31. In group therapy, when a good level of cohesiveness is attained,
  32. Many psychiatric patients beginning therapy are demoralized and
  33. Research indicates that group members with a higher degree of popularity at six and twelve weeks into therapy had better outcomes at the end of therapy. Which variables explain members’ popularity in group therapy?
  34. If pathogenic beliefs are to be altered, the group members must
  35. The internal working model, also known as a schema, consists of which of the following?
  36. The high importance of emotional experience in group therapy is partially due to the fact that
  37. The differential value of the therapeutic group therapy factors is vastly influenced by
  38. The instilling and maintenance of hope is critical in group psychotherapy because
  39. Members often quit groups because of
  40. Altruism reveals that
  41. To assist in developing a social microcosm, the group therapist can do all of the following EXCEPT:
  42. The primary family group is important in group therapy because
  43. Which of the following is NOT true of most counseling clients:
  44. Frequently senior members of a therapy group exhibit what social skills:
  45. The homogeneous mode of composition of groups postulates that:
  46. The here and now focus must have which two components?
  47. According to Yalom, compared to heterogeneous groups, homogeneous groups:
  48. The corrective emotional experience in group therapy has several components, except:
  49. True or false? A person never outgrows the need for meaningful relatedness.
  50. Which of the following is NOT important in achieving success in group therapy?