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CSIS 100 Midterm Liberty University

  1. ​Which of the following is NOT a task typically associated with the systems analyst role?
  2. The process of converting human-readable data into machine-readable form is called _____.
  3. A database administrator (DBA) is an important nontechnical position responsible for defining and implementing consistent principles for a variety of data issues, including setting data standards and data definitions that apply across all the databases in an organization.
  4. RAM stands for random access memory; a form of memory that holds its contents even if the current is turned off or disrupted.
  5. You would use Query by Example, if _____.
  6. When you point the remote control to turn on/off the TV, the remote is using radio frequency​.
  7. Your friend has a Mac that runs OS X.  If she needs to run a Windows app on it, she can set it to run Windows also.
  8. A database must reflect the business processes of an organization.
  9. Suppose you work at a business unit that has group of people who would rather wait to try a new technique.  They listen to and follow the opinion leaders.  They would be classified as the _________.
  10. _____ is a process for driving traffic to a Web site by using techniques that improve the site’s ranking in search results.
  11. Cache memory is available in two forms: level 1, which is found on the CPU chip, and level 2, which can be accessed over a high-speed dedicated interface.
  12. When organizational learning occurs, what is revealed can be small, incremental adjustments known as continuous improvement.​
  13. The United States has high Internet penetration among its population constituting the majority of people online.
  14. On a modern home computer, one can set up accounts for many users and be able to control what resources a user may access.
  15. ​Parker has an Android smartphone. Which type of processor is used in his mobile device?
  16. The fiber-optic cables that span the globe over land and under sea make up the Internet _____.
  17. _____ are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance.
  18. Important functions of the chief information officer include
  19. Each programming language has a set of rules, called the program code of the language.
  20. One of the primary roles of a senior IS manager is to communicate with other areas of the organization to determine changing business needs.​
  21. Network management software is a system software that controls the computer systems and devices on a network and allows them to communicate with each other.
  22. 3D printing is ________.
  23. ​According to the diffusion innovation theory, _____ are the risk takers, always the first to try new products and ideas.
  24. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) uses companies called _____ to handle the business of registering domain names.
  25. All of the following are examples of someone using personal productivity software EXCEPT
  26. _____ is a good site to develop your professional network.
  27. The action of including only some columns for output while retrieving data is known as ____.
  28. An example of a common hardware function performed by the operating system is presenting information on a monitor or printer.​
  29. A software suite is a collection of programs packaged together as a bundle and typically includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, graphics program, and more.
  30. _____ is a special-purpose programming language for accessing and manipulating data stored in a relational database.
  31. Opportunities in information systems are available to people from different parts of the world.
  32. Video content can be placed on the Internet using the same approach as a blog.
  33. A traditional view of information systems holds that organizations use them to control and monitor processes and ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  34. _____ encompasses all the activities required to get the right product into the right consumer’s hands in the right quantity at the right time and at the right cost, from acquisition of raw materials through customer delivery. ​
  35. For each data item, a data dictionary usually contains information such as the name of the data item, the range of values that can be used, and the amount of storage needed for the item.​
  36. ​A single computer can be used by a single user or by multiple, simultaneous users.
  37. A _____ is a low-cost, centrally managed computer with no internal or external attached drives for data storage with limited capabilities.
  38. The diffusion of innovation theory can be useful in planning the rollout of a new information system.  ​
  39. For someone to be a good CIO,  technical ability is the most important characteristic.
  40. Which of the following statements is true of a database?
  41. Over time, disruptive innovation tends to become less attractive to users in a new market.
  42. Like other programs, Java software can run only on specific types of computers.
  43. If 10 users can run programs at the same time on the same computer, it is known as multi-tasking.
  44. Which of the following statements is true of network-management software?
  45. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is responsible for managing IP addresses and Internet domain names.
  46. A liquid crystal display (LCD) functions by exciting organic compounds with electric current to produce bright and sharp images.
  47. If a large organization wants software that will benefit the entire organization—what’s known as enterprise application software—the organization must develop it specifically for the business in order to get the functionality required.​
  48. You wish to learn a programming language that can be used on any computer. What language would it be?​
  49. The diffusion of innovation theory states that adoption of any innovation happens all at once for all members of the targeted population.​​
  50. ​In most large organizations, the IS department is divided into the following functions __________.
  51. One of the final steps in installing and using a large database involves “telling” the database management system (DBMS) the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user.
  52. A _____ satellite system employs many satellites that are spaced so that, from any point on the Earth at any time, at least one satellite is on a line of sight, each in an orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles.
  53. Haley’s employer has asked her to review tens of thousands of social media posts about their company’s products and compile this data into a database.​ In terms of the characteristics of big data, Haley is dealing with ________.
  54. A relational model splits the information up into many two dimensional data structures.
  55. Suppose a new tech startup wants to define the data model. They would then ____.