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CRST 290 Quiz Adam

CRST 290 Quiz Adam and Man”kind”

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Covers the Learn material from Module 5: Week 5. Contains 25 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Is limited to 45 minutes. Allows 1 attempt. Is worth 50 points.
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Question 1

2 / 2 pts

In which New Testament passage is Jesus compared to Adam, as the one man whose brings life after the sin of the first man brought death?

John 1


8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Romans 1

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)

I Corinthians 15

I Peter 3

Question 2

2 / 2 pts

The overall theology from Genesis to Revelation is called the:

Metanarrative Epinarrative Synthetic theology Systematic theology

Question 3

2 / 2 pts

A belief in a historical Adam is a relatively new view developed in the Enlightenment.


Question 4

2 / 2 pts

8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
All of the ape-like creatures have a formen magnum located at a 45-degree at the back of their skull.
True False

Question 5
The type of ape most similar to humans is the:
Gorilla Orangutan Gibbon Chimpanzee

2 / 2 pts

Question 6

2 / 2 pts

Which group of skulls shows the greatest similarity to our own species (Homo sapiens).


Homo rudophensis


Homo erectus


8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)

Question 7

2 / 2 pts

The hominid fossil sight with the highest diversity of human skull shapes and forms are found:

In the African Rift Valley
On small Indonesian islands
Near the mountains of Ararat In South Africa in burial caves CRST290_QUIZ5_HUMANKIND2_201940B

Question 8

2 / 2 pts

Where were fossils of Australopithecus sediba found?

Africa Madagascar Indonesia The Middle East North America


8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Question 9

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
2 / 2 pts

The hominid skulls from Dmanisi are interesting because they:

Are island dwarf versions of larger hominids

Have a wider diversity of shape and form yet are one population Show evidence of burying their dead in deep caves

Show evidence of tool use, mastery of fire, and jewelry production

Question 10

2 / 2 pts

Which British scientist wrote a scathing book to refute Darwin, which came out just one year after On the Origin of Species was published?

Adam Sedgwick Charles Bree Frank Marsh Richard Owen

Question 11

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Widespread pre-Fall animal death is an important component of

the young-Earth creation model.


8/18/23, 4:28 PM

True False

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)

Question 12

2 / 2 pts

Origen of Alexandria was well-known for his allegorical views of scripture. He did not believe that the details of Genesis 1-11 were historically accurate.

True False

Question 13

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Todd Wood has been able to use baraminology to confirm which creationist claim?

The order of the fossil record is due to ecosystem destruction. Separate creation of humans and apes. Light from stars traveled much faster during Creation Week. Noah’s flood explains rapid coal formation.

Question 14

2 / 2 pts

8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
The most abundant enzyme on earth is called rubisco. It is important for which process?
Nitrogen fixation Oxygen-based respiration Metabolism of sugars Photosynthesis

Question 15

2 / 2 pts

Which pioneering scientist discovered the moons of Jupiter?

Copernicus Galileo Kepler Newton

Question 16

2 / 2 pts

Which philosophy/theology term refers to belief that cannot be changed by evidence?




8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
Presuppostionalism Nihilism

Question 17

2 / 2 pts

What is the name of the star that is closest to our solar system (not our sun).

Betelgeuse Polaris Proxima Centaui Andromeda

Question 18

2 / 2 pts

The historical nature of Genesis 1-11 (such as the reality of various people and events) is affirmed in numerous New Testament passages.

True False

Question 19

2 / 2 pts

8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
What is one way that Genesis 1-3 is different from Jesus’ parables found in the New Testament?

Genesis is written as a narrative, while the parable are poetic in structure.

Parables begins with a phrase like “There was a certain man “, while Genesis does not have something like this.
Jesus’ parables often have miraculous activities in them, while Genesis 1 does not.
The parables are narratives, while Genesis is poetic in structure.

Question 20

2 / 2 pts

Todd Wood discusses an encounter with God transcends our need for rational answers. Who was the person in this encounter?

Moses Elijah Joseph Job

Question 21

2 / 2 pts

8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
What type of animal was the first ever to have every cell charted from fertilized egg to adult?
The fruit fly Drosophila The mollusk Mercenaria The cnidarian Hydra The worm Caenorhabditus

Question 22

2 / 2 pts

Galieo believed that when there was a perceived conflict between science and the Bible,

Careful exegesis of the Bible will confirm science. Careful re-analysis of the science will align it with the Bible.

The Bible is likely speaking non-literally, and should accommodate to science.

Scientists should not publish their ideas until theological views change.

Question 23

2 / 2 pts

8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
Newly discovered genetic information from ancient hominids shows that:

They remained genetically isolated once leaving the main population.

All hominids are identified as coming from either Shem, Ham, or Japheth.
There has only been one species of hominid: Homo sapiens.
Different species interbred with each other somewhat frequently.

Question 24

2 / 2 pts

The phrase “according to its kind” in Genesis 1 refers to how animals will reproduce.

True False

Question 25

2 / 2 pts

The term __________________ refers to a wide range of evidences that point towards a single explanation.


8/18/23, 4:28 PM

Quiz: Adam and Man”kind”: CRST290: History of Life (D04)
Convergence Coordinates Comportment Consilience
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