CJUS 610 Quiz 8


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Liberty University

CJUS 610 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. Officer safety and survival can be enhanced through:
  2. The relationship between one’s occupational environment and the way one interprets events tends to create a set of emotional and behavioral characteristics referred to as a:
  3. Police officers in the twenty-first century are expected to:
  4. Select the correct statement.
  5. Select the correct statement.
  6. According to James Q. Wilson, the _____ style of policing is accepted in communities where the police view themselves, or are viewed, as community caretakers.
  7. Many police agencies are unable to meet the public’s demand for police services because:
  8. Select the correct statement.
  9. Select the correct statement.
  10. For police officers and police agencies, civil liability typically arises from complaints or situations involving:
  11. How can community policing be institutionalized?
  12. Compare and contrast planned change with unplanned change.
  13. Is community policing effective? Why, or why not?
  14. Police practitioners and other justice system personnel of the twenty-first century must possess and sustain a firm ethical foundation and demonstrate leadership ability. Explain.
  15. List and describe three critical issues in policing. How can problems associated with these issues be resolved?