CJUS 610 Quiz 7


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CJUS 610 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. intelligence supports decisions and planning related to specific incidents, investigations and operations.
  2. The public expects the police to:
  3. As one of its basic principles, ______ policing requires police and citizens to join as partners in the course of both identifying and developing solutions to the causes of crime and disorder.
  4. The primary focus of the ______ policing approach is the development of skills, procedures, and research techniques necessary to analyze and solve crime and disorder problems.
  5. With ______ policing, individual officers have little contact with citizens in the community, unless the latter are victims or perpetrators of crime.
  6. COMPSTAT is based on:
  7. In its narrowest context, ______ policing emphasizes efficient and effective delivery of police services, targeting crime hot spots.
  8. is the fifth step in the intelligence cycle.
  9. What is COMPSTAT and how can it be used in strategic policing?
  10. What are the public’s expectations of the police? Can the police meet the public’s expectations?