CJUS 610 Quiz 5


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CJUS 610 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. In a community policing environment, a police officer must:
  2. In a community policing environment, the ____ is the main unit of police work.
  3. In a community policing environment, emphasis is placed on:
  4. Planning involves:
  5. plans are short range and are intended to be executed within a short period of time.
  6. plans are implemented only if certain events occur.
  7. In the planning process, alternative course of action (action plan) development requires _____ for each course of action.
  8. Traditional policing environments emphasize:
  9. Performance measures for community policing include:
  10. plans are no longer needed once the objectives of the plan are accomplished.
  11. A police strategy and philosophy that focuses on engagement and solutions to community-based problems can improve the _____ of the police.
  12. plans are long range and may involve plans that are intended to be implemented over a period of years.
  13. A _____ assessment is used to determine if a known or foreseeable threat (crime, natural disaster, etc.) exists.
  14. Some police agencies in the U.S. developed an organizational culture that emphasizes _____ as the purpose of the police mission.
  15. Contemporary policing should:
  16. Do the qualities and competencies or skills required of a police officer differ between traditional and community policing environments? Why, or why not?
  17. What must be considered when implementing an action plan?
  18. Create a definition for community policing. Include the core elements of community policing in the definition.
  19. Describe techniques for engaging diverse groups and the procedure for building police-community partnerships.
  20. List and describe the three common elements to the planning process.