CHHI 520 Quiz 4


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CHHI 520 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. The key person who spread Christianity in Norway was ______.
  2. ______ said, “For through doubting we come to inquiry, and through inquiry we perceive the truth according to truth.”
  3. Francis of Asisi preached the Gospel to Muslims during the Fifth Crusade.
  4. In 1054, Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Eastern Patriarch Michael Cerularius after Cerularius had excommunicated Leo.
  5. In the eleventh century, the papal revival reach its climax under ______.
  6. Clergy in the Eastern Church practiced celibacy.
  7. Just War theory had been articulated by ______.
  8. In Cur Deus Homo, Anselm ______.
  9. The Saint Chapelle Cathedral in Paris was built by ______.
  10. Regarding the relationship of faith and reason, Anselm asserted, ______.
  11. The predominant Scholastic method was ______.
  12. ______ advanced the right of the church to defend itself in holy war.
  13. Scholasticism had little regard for the text of Scripture.
  14. A key innovator in the Scholastic method was ______.
  15. The Waldenses ______.
  16. In the papal bull Venerabilem Fratrum in 1202, Pope Innocent III affirmed ______.
  17. In his On The Love Of God, Bernard of Clairvaux described ______.
  18. The Magna Carta of 1215 ______.
  19. In Terra Paxand More Romanowere ______.
  20. In Pope Urban II’s speech at Clermont in 1095, ______.
  21. In organizing his theology, Thomas Aquinas was most indebted to the philosopher ______.
  22. In his approach to theology, Bonaventure was most motivated by ______.
  23. “The Brothers and Sisters of Penance” was/were ______.
  24. From 1309 to 1377, the papal residence was located in ______.
  25. Universities developed out of the ______.