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CCOU 202 Midterm Quiz Liberty University

Question 2
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When most people envision counseling, they are likely to think about __________, but the process also invariably involves ____________.

assessment, intervention

diagnoses, therapy

intervention, assessment

therapy, diagnoses

Question 3
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While there is a basic respect for the ethical codes, Koocher and Keith-Spiegel (2008) point out that there are still a number of reasons why a therapist might behave unethically. Below are all reasons except



being naÔve

all of the above are reasons

giving good advice after empathetic listening

making available daily multi-situational support

all of the above

Question 5
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In addition to aspirational ideals, codes of ethics also include what are called
________________. These are the rules and regulations that are sufficiently focused and specific to use as standards of practice, and that can be enforced when a clinician is judged to have broken them.

justice obligations

enforced obligations

mandatory obligations

ethical code of obligations

IncorrectQuestion 6
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Lay counseling can only be provided in an informal format (setting such as homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) and not be provided in formal settings.


correct answer

Question 7
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Studies show that counselors will benefit from just attending continuing educational conferences without having to apply the information.



Question 8
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Smith & Cahill (2000) examined the creation narrative and concluded that which of the following was part of God’s good creation from the very beginning?





Question 9
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The author talks about the importance of Christian mental health professionals to establish a strong link with a local church. This is essential because the church

serves as a source of support, accountability, and empowerment

promotes a greater concern for the welfare status of those who are marginalized

talk about the mental health crisis in safety

both a and b

Question 10
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In addition to the ethical codes generated by professional organizations, a number of clinical guidelines for practice have been developed. One example of this is the APA’s “Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists.”



Question 11
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Which of the following is recognized as one of the statements on professional ethics recognized by The Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)?

limits of competence

continuing education

personal difficulties

all of the above


they will decrease

they will increase

they will remain stable

none of the above

psychotherapy and Christian ethics rarely need to interact with each other, but the two are not total opposites and can be used effectively together

psychotherapy and Christian ethics are completely separate domains and their dialogue is neither required nor desired

psychotherapy is a profoundly ethical endeavor and Christian ethics supports and challenges the ethical positions represented in therapy

none of the above

Question 15
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The author argues that the qualities of the elder and overseer in the early church are some of the same qualities that Christian therapists should aspire to.



attending the same Bible study

worshipping at the same church

volunteering in the community

ethical theory

ethical practice

ethical history

IncorrectQuestion 18
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With the notion that therapy can be understood on several different levels, Neimeyer (1993) distinguishes between four levels of therapy in order of increasing abstractness. Which of the following is not one of these levels?
correct answer
major theory

strategies and techniques

clinical theory

formal theory

IncorrectQuestion 19
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The author argues that the involvement with other Christians and a strong tie with a local church are important for the Christian mental health professional. All the following are reasons for this except

To fully fulfill one’s calling, ministry, or vocation

Greater awareness of the marginalized in society

To keep personal and professional roles separate

Support and resources from fellow believers in the church

Question 20
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This philosophical basis for determining what constitutes ethical behavior focuses on the essence of the act itself and defines some acts as good and others as bad.

aspirational ideals

teleological approach

deontological approach

none of the above

lay counselor supervisor

licensed mental health professional

clinical educator

Question 22
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The author encourages Christian mental health professionals to become actively involved in a support group of only Christian therapists to increase their knowledge and expertise.



Question 23
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To date, the author provides evidence for religious/spiritual interventions’ effectiveness, showing that they outperform secular approaches.



Question 24
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According to the text, ________ implies a recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and the humility to pursue further consultation, training and supervision throughout one’s professional career.





Question 25
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In 1992, Welfel conducted a review of the literature relevant to ethics education. What did she conclude as a particular area in training that was systematically lacking?

more attention to clinical applications of the APA’s Ethical Code

more formal evaluations regarding the outcomes of ethics education

interns’ understanding of competence

all of the above

Christian ethics provides a rationale for the professional standards

the two are logically inequivalent

codes of professional ethics exhaust what Christian ethics has to say about ethics in therapy

all of the above are reasons

they understand the use of Scripture wisely

they never refer clients

they request help for their own problems

interpersonal contexts

both a and b

none of the above

Question 29
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According to the text, lay counselors can use terms such as “psychologists” and “psychotherapy” to refer to who they are and what they do.



Question 30
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According to the text, guidelines that are narrower in scope have been designed to inform practice with specific populations including which of the following?

older adults

women and girls

lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients

all of the above


mental health

none of the above

sexual feelings of the therapist toward a client

lack of detailed documentation for clients

insensitivity to clients’ diversity

Question 33
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According to the text, the MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) has been found to overpathologize individuals of ________ descent, which speaks to “test bias.”


African American



Question 34
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One can expect that academic and practical preparation can guarantee competence and can safely leave it to the judgements of professional licensing or credentialing bodies.



Question 35
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McMinn and Meek (1997) surveyed ethical beliefs and behaviors of nine hundred members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. The researchers’ conclusion was that the majority of the sample of Christian mental health professionals

sees their graduate training in professional ethics as meaningful

sees their graduate training in professional ethics as pointless

sees their graduate training in professional ethics as challenging

none of the above

Question 36
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Adair (1992) noted that the Christian Counselors of Texas added the requirement that lay counselors obtain ____________________ as part of their guidelines for supervision.

malpractice insurance

informed consent


written records


accurate and sufficient information on his or her qualifications

their training and values

the process, goals, and possible consequences of counseling

all of the above

Question 39
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Becker’s (1987) article covering the main legal and ethical considerations pertinent to the paraprofessional or lay counselor in the church context emphasizing which of the following?




all of the above

Question 40

practical and clear lectures

homework reading

memorizing the pastoral code of ethics

both a and b

Question 41
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The New Testament message proclaims a balance between grace and law. According to the text, which book of the Bible best explains this balance?





Question 42
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Although there are ongoing debates about whether Christian mental health professionals need to pursue professional licensure or not, it is the author’s opinion that this is good and necessary.



Question 43
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Kitchener (1984) identified five moral ideals that are foundational to many mental health codes. Which of the following is not one of them?





be aware of differences in variables like gender and ethnicity

overdiagnose clients to cover all the bases

all of the above

Question 45
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One of the ten guidelines for improving the competence of Christian clinicians is encouraging rigorous training in one of the major mental health disciplines.



Question 46
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Hays (2001) devised a simple and comprehensive means of exploring aspects of a person’s cultural identities and their own. Which of the following is Hays’ acronym for his model?






social behaviors

all of the above

Question 48
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Which of the following was not one of the four factors that emerged in Peterson and Bry’s research in their analysis that consistently differentiated “incompetent” and “outstanding” student-clinicians toward the end of a doctoral program (1980)?

reputable credentials

professional responsibility

interpersonal warmth



Question 50
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Ethical issues in lay counseling include which of the following?

adequate training provided

responsibility of supervision

types of counseling they are trained for

all of the above

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