BIOL 101 Quiz 6


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BIOL 101 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Aristotle, the “Father of Biology”, believed that a human being became a person
  2. In the lactose operon of E.coli, how does the repressor protein change its shape?
  3. A living thing need to be responsive because
  4. Penetration of the egg’ zona pellucida by the sperm cell is a process driven by
  5. Sperm cell production occurs within the interior lining of the ______________.
  6. Dilation of the cervix is a chemical procedure that
  7. Meiosis generates genetic variability in the resulting sex cells (gametes). For each of 23 pairs of chromosomes, the haploid egg cell
  8. The reproductive system uses the hormones ________ and (later on) ____________ to “think ahead”. They guide the preparation of the uterus for its role in supporting pregnancy.
  9. Which of the following is a biological approach to determining when a mother and her conceptus become separate individuals?
  10. After a fly trips the sensory hair on the modified leaf of a Venus fly trap, what is the very next step in the closing process?
  11. Preservation of biological information through time is accomplished using
  12. For about half of a woman’s monthly cycle, the hormone ________ leaves the pituitary gland and, at the ovary, signals it to bring a more advanced _________ to complete maturity.
  13. Based on Plato’s analysis, the problem with defining the term “person” arises when you equate personhood with
  14. Two genes that lie at the exact same location on two separate homologous chromosomes are called
  15. In the human life cycle, diploid cells undergo a cell division process called __________. The resulting haploid cells later fuse during ___________ which regenerates diploid cells.
  16. Haploid secondary spermatocytes go on directly to complete meiosis forming four spermatid cells. These will differentiate into sperm cells. The last stage of meiosis (that generates the spermatids) is called
  17. Order the structures by which a mature sperm cell travels from the epididymis to the female’s reproductive tract.
  18. Which of the following will end a pregnancy?
  19. Meiosis is a specialized process that
  20. One disadvantage of sexual reproduction is
  21. In the Venus Fly trap, how does the enzyme expansin help to close the trap?
  22. The phrase, “two homologous sets of genes” means
  23. In Iris plants asexual reproduction results from
  24. Which of the following birth control methods is primarily contraceptive and secondarily abortive in its effects?
  25. Which of the following describes an example of asexual reproduction found in the Kalanchoe plant?