BIOL 101 Quiz 3


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BIOL 101 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. NADPH is formed when
  2. The process of __________ can be defined as about 30 individual, sequential chemical reactions that form three metabolic pathways: one in the cytoplasm and two within the mitochondrion.
  3. ________ organisms build their own energy-rich molecules using solar energy.
  4. In the process of ____________, three interrelated, exergonic pathways and oxygen are used to igenerate large amounts of ATP from glucose molecules.
  5. The energy storage molecule that connects endergonic and exergonic reactions, driving endergonic reactions forward, is
  6. ________ and ________ are products of aerobic respiration.
  7. One glucose molecule plus six oxygen molecules plus 36 ADPs generate six molecules of carbon dioxide, 6 molecules of water and 36 molecules of ATP in a process known as
  8. Each wavelength of light has its own
  9. When your car engine burns the octane in gasoline, at least 50% of the energy of the octane
  10. The most valuable product, energetically, of electron transfer phosphorylation is
  11. If the final product of a metabolic pathway begins to build up in excess, the pathway can often be slowed down by a process called
  12. Which of the following is neither a reactant nor a product of glycolysis?
  13. When activation energy is not available for a given chemical reaction
  14. The immediate product of photosynthesis, three-carbon PGALs
  15. To derive energy from an ATP molecule
  16. Systems that convert energy from one form to another are
  17. On a cold day, your cells depend on ________ to maintain an operating temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.
  18. Autotrophic organisms are supportive of man. They
  19. Physicists define energy as
  20. The cell’s pumping of substances against diffusion forces that would carry those substances the other way is termed
  21. DNA is stored within the ____________ of a cell in a __________ fiber called chromatin.
  22. Existing chemical bonds between atoms are broken and new ones are formed between different atoms. This process
  23. A lit match cannot continue to burn when the wood of the match stick is consumed. This statement illustrates the more general principle that
  24. The Krebs cycle’s NADH products are of value because
  25. Which of the following substances would most likely enable a flagellum to drive a bacterium forward through the medium in which it is swimming?