BIOL 101 Quiz 1


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BIOL 101 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. The methods of science are limited. They cannot help us to
  2. Which of the following is not a part of an atom?
  3. Which of the following principles of life describes a fundamental requirement for the growth of an organism:
  4. Although your text presents scientific truth as error-prone, it still asserts that it is a valid source of truth because
  5. Which of the following is a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based?
  6. What is one limitation scientists face in being sure they possess scientific “truth”?
  7. The term “teleology” expresses the idea that behind the designs seen in nature there lies a more ultimate
  8. “A mouse runs because natural selection happens to have given it feet.” This statement would be made by
  9. In 2003, Tyrone Hayes proposed that pesticides could be the cause of worldwide amphibian declines.  This statement is an example of:
  10. Chromatography is useful for separating ________ out of a(n) __________.
  11. The addition of neutrons to an atom affects its _______ but not its _________.
  12. Scholars face inherent difficulties when they try to scientifically apply revealed truth to the natural world. One reason for this is that
  13. When considering the question of origins, one value of having two complementary truth sources is that
  14. Many evolutionists believe that Pakicetus, a terrestrial mammal, is the evolutionary ancestor of modern whales because Pakicetus fossils are found below whale fossils in the geologic column.  This belief is an example of:
  15. The scientific method includes all of the following steps except
  16. Whales communicate over many miles using different frequencies of sound. This statement best described as
  17. The scientific method includes all except:
  18. Which of the following is not a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based?
  19. An ion is an “atom” that has
  20. Many Christians believe that dinosaurs were created approximately 6,000 years ago because soft tissues have been discovered in fossilized T. rex bones. This belief is an example of:
  21. A total of 679 leaves fell from trees kept at 10°C, whereas only 83 leaves fell from those kept at 32°C. This is an example of:
  22. Protons have a ________ charge and are found in ________.
  23. In traditional Western culture, one widely accepted source of truth was __________ and another, more derived source of truth is ___________.
  24. The carbon atom is uniquely suited to building large molecules because it:
  25. Sodium ions are attracted to chloride ions because