AVIA 360 Exam 3


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AVIA 360 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Oceanic clearances include
  2. When a PIC is assigned for a trip, that pilot
  3. If the ability to manage planned an unplanned maintenance is lost, a corporation will
  4. The use of an external personnel consulting agency becomes necessary when the current pool of applicants
  5. Complacency during international operations
  6. Flight crews who train together or under identical structural standards
  7. When receiving an ATC clearance, it is ideal that
  8. The liaison between executives and the flight crew is the
  9. According to the FAA, a first class medical is required for any operation
  10. According to FAR 91, one crew member must be on oxygen when the other crew member leaves the cabin and the aircraft is above
  11. In the organization it is critical to infuse an atmosphere of
  12. Consideration for personnel scheduling and planned down time
  13. Pilot experience and skill
  14. The takeoff briefing should include
  15. Takeoff performance can be limited by:
  16. For oceanic operations, most operators continue to use
  17. After a long day of flying, or during low IFR conditions, it is recommended that approaches by flown
  18. Who assumes command responsibility for the aircraft and crew, and is operationally responsible to the chief pilot.
  19. For international trips, pilots should
  20. Training records should include
  21. The responsibility of maintaining a pilot log lies with
  22. When flying internationally, pilots should expect radar coverage
  23. Ideally clearance should be received
  24. It is recommended that international trips be planned
  25. The pilot monitoring will assume pilot incapacitation if