AVIA 360 Exam 2


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AVIA 360 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. On occasion, meetings between the department manager and superior should be held
  2. Much larger organizations may choose to delegate many of the daily administrative duties to
  3. Being able to keep the information of who is on board and where they are going privileged information is the advantage of:
  4. What can it be difficult to establish because of the nature of the business aviation mission?
  5. Over the continental united states, Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) begin at flight level:
  6. What operational requirement is a cornerstone of a corporate operation?
  7. Who has overall responsibility for the flight department and reports to the senior corporate executive?
  8. A process and seamless system should be developed for the transition between:
  9. The biggest expense of operating under Part 135 vs. Part 91 is:
  10. Which part of the constitution gives the basis for the United States federal government to regulate aviation?
  11. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) and the Civil Aeronautics Authority were created as a result of the:
  12. Communication in the flight department
  13. Who is responsible for the management and regulatory compliance of safety related matters?
  14. Leadership is
  15. Typically, flight departments will carry
  16. As part of an overall campaign to engage the entire company in your effort to promote the aviation department,
  17. What act set up the financial system by which airports and aviation facilities are repaired and upgraded?
  18. Who is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of all assigned flights?
  19. Who has command authority over the flight, crew members, and passengers during a flight?
  20. The paramount communication factor within a flight department is
  21. A method of delaying distractions from the back is to enforce a rule
  22. A very effective and efficient means of getting your safety message across to an audience is
  23. Even if the passengers and executives for the company treat the crew and aviation department with familiarity,
  24. Who is responsible for managing a continuous surveillance, analysis, and operational irregularity process; and providing leadership and direction for the maintenance services function.
  25. What part of the Federal Aviation Regulations regulates scheduled commuter and on-demand commercial operations?